Memorials speak to us as though to say, "Don't forget us."

“Every Day Could Be Veterans Day in Dover”

(Dover, PA) The long-anticipated Dover Area High School Veterans Memorial at the high school, 4500 Intermediate Ave., Dover, PA is moving closer to construction with a groundbreaking scheduled for Monday, May 20, 2024, at 10:00 am, rain or shine.

Brad Jacobs, Chair of the Dover Veterans Memorial Committee stated the capital fundraising campaign has raised over $185,000 to begin construction in June/July 2024, with dedication on Veterans Day, November 11, 2024.

This memorial project was suggested by Jacobs on January 27, 2018, when he wrote the school administration and school board directors stating, “as a former Commissioned Officer in the PA Army National Guard, I believe it would be appropriate that the Dover School District establish a memorial to honor the service and sacrifice of all veterans who served in the Armed Forces of the US.”

“Since the school district is considering the possibility of constructing a new high school, it would be a suitable time to consider a veterans memorial.” Upon approval by the district a memorial committee was established to proceed with the design. A capital fundraising campaign was established in 2019 with the Dover Eagle Foundation (501-c-3) as the fiscal sponsor.

One thing that Jacobs could never have predicted was a worldwide pandemic, halting virtually all capital fundraising for two years. “Not all projects have done so well coming out of the global pandemic,” Jacobs said. “And I am most pleased with what we have accomplished after the pandemic. The community, businesses, foundations, veterans, and veteran organizations have been incredibly supportive since the project was first announced. Sponsorship of pavers are still available by going to, veterans memorial.

The groundbreaking program will include the Dover HS Band ensemble under the direction of Mr. George Bradshaw.

Any questions should be emailed to

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Enjoy some of the pictures from our official ground breaking that occurred on May 20, 2024. The Memorial will be finished and dedicated on Veteran's Day 2024.

About The Project

To demonstrate the Dover Area School District's deep appreciation for the brave men and women who serve to protect our country and citizens, a Veterans' Memorial Committee and the Dover Area School District plan to erect a memorial in honor of all Veterans including Dover Alumni and Staff to highlight the remarkable contributions so many have given.

The design of the memorial, as depicted to the left, will be constructed with granite pylons for each of the branches of the United States Armed Services. The front of each pylon will state the name of the branch, have a bronze seal of the branch and their motto will be etched below. The back of the pylons will be etched so that when viewed the viewer will see the American flag. The one side wall will contain an inspirational quote and the dark pylon in the front will contain contractors' names along with other major contributors to the memorial.

In addition to accepting financial donations, material donations, and volunteer commitments, we will offer the opportunity to purchase inscribed brick pavers of dedications "In Memory of..." or "in Honor of..." at the site. Brick pavers will recognize all Veterans who have served their country. All donors will be recognized on the district's website, in the district newsletter, and in dedication program materials. There will be a public dedication ceremony on the site when the construction has been completed.

The planned Veterans Memorial, while serving its primary purpose as an enduring tribute to the many brave men and women who served in the Armed Forces, will also serve as a resource to District teachers in various subject matters. First and foremost, the memorial will serve as an important asset in both history and civics education.

As Rebecca Winthrop of the Brookings Institution noted in 2020, "American's participation in civic life is essential to sustaining our democratic form of government. Without it, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people will not last".[1] However, today's understanding of basic civic knowledge is lacking. According to the Brookings report, "1 in 4… are unable to name the three branches of government".[2] Additionally, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures, less than eight percent (8%) of Americans are veterans.[3] Simply put, there is a dire need for students to better understand civic engagement and the importance of public service.

The Murphy Dittenhafer Architects designed memorial will allow teachers to add personal names and stories to the historical significance of America's conflicts by incorporating local veterans into their education plans. Teachers will be able to take students to the memorial and instruct them about the various branches of the Military and the role that those branches played in the history of America. It is intended that the Memorial will enhance interest in genuine civic engagement and public service - both so desperately needed today. In short, we believe this Memorial will serve various roles in the Dover Community.

[1] Winthrop, Rebecca, The Need for Civic Education in 21st-Century Schools - Executive Summary, June 4, 2020; available at

[2] Id.

[3] National Conference of State Legislatures, Veterans by the Numbers, November 10, 2017; available at

Current Funding Amount


Veteran's Memorial In The Press

Thank You To WALMART For Their Generosity

Walmart has contributed a very generous amount of $1,000 towards our project. As with any and all donations, we are immensely grateful. If your business would like to be involved and would like to contribute, please reach out.

Huge Thank You To Our FIRST Supporters

Hawks Gunning Club and Shiloh American Legion Post 791 generously become the Veteran's Memorial first supporters. We are beyond appreciative of their support with this great community project.

How To Support

We would be grateful for any and all support you're able to give both financially and in other resources. If you would like to learn more about how to support this project and be more involved in the Veterans Memorial Project, please reach out to Brad Jacobs at If you would like to download and view our current Contribution Brochure, please click the button below.

Brick Paver Fundraiser

One of the great ways to support this project is by purchasing a brick paver that will be used in the construction of this project. We have two different size options to choose from.

4” X 8” paver - $ 100 each

up to 3 total lines of inscription,

16 characters per line *

8” X 8” paver - $ 200 each

up to 4 total lines of inscription,

16 characters per line*

To purchase a paver, please download the donation brochure by click the button below, filling out the "Paver Request" section, and mail the completed form to:

Dover Area School District

Attn: Veterans’ Memorial

101 Edgeway Road

Dover, PA 17315