Dover Community Day At The York Revolution!

Join Us and Raise Money For Your Organization!

The Dover Eagle Foundation is working with the York Revolution to have a Dover Community Day at the York Revolution Game on June 8, 2022 @ 6:30PM.

About The Event

WHAT IS THIS? – We are hosting a Dover Community Day at the York Revolution on Thursday, June 8th, 2023. This will be an incredible time to gather as a local community and raise funds and awareness for our community organizations, both within the school district and outside of it.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? – Everyone in the Dover Community! Our vision is to invite all community organizations (PTOs, Student Led Groups, Churches, Fire Departments, Civic Clubs, Sports Teams, etc). The invitation is wide open to gather your friends and family and show up to support the Dover Community!

HOW MUCH ARE THE TICKETS? - Tickets for the baseball game are $12.00 per ticket. Each ticket that you sell, we will be donating $3.00 back to your organization

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? – Participating is actually quite easy. All you need to do is visit us at: to register your organization and download our ticket order form.

Once registered and with order form in hand, all you need to do is help spread the word, sell tickets for $12.00, and you’ll receive $3.00 for every ticket your organization sells!

HOW IS THIS A FUNDRAISER? – We are going to be giving each organization $3.00 for every ticket they sell. This is a great way to get all your members involved, and raise some funds for your awesome organization.

PERKS + EVENTS: – Each organization is welcome to participate in a pre-game Dover Community Parade showcasing your organization and members! Bring your group, make a banner, and have FUN! This will be done prior to the game around the warning track on the field.

We also have a few other incentives to include . . .

  • The TOP 2 individuals that sell the most tickets will be able to throw out the First Pitch!

  • Grade K-6 Students that sell at least 25 tickets will be entered in a drawing to give the “PLAY BALL” announcement.

  • Grade 6-12 Students that sell at least 25 tickets will be entered in a drawing to SHOOT THE CANNON.

  • All attendees have the chance to participate in the between-the-innings games such as the fruit race and build-a-burger!

WHEN IS THE DUE DATE? – All order forms and money (one check payable to Dover Eagle Foundation) must be submitted to us by MAY 22, 2023.

FOR MORE INFORMATION - Please visit our website online at: for more information and to download ticket order forms and to register your organization. You can also email us at:

Ready To Raise Money?

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